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Galleria Imperiale sells gifts, furniture and antiques, dating from 1700 to the last century. Silver, carpets, old paintings and contemporary art. Inside you can find works by Schifano, Chiari, Luzzati, and many other painters. Galleria imperiale was founded in 1978 by Raffaele Mengoni, father of the current owners, as an auction house.

After a few years, from auction house it was changed to directly sell the gallery's pieces. Many journalists and writers have written of the Galleria over the years, while many photographers have taken pictures of it as an original example in field of antiques.

Trivia: Princess Margaret of England during his visit to Genoa in 1993, curiously, broke the ceremonial and went to look around inside the Galleria Imperiale.

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Inside the Galleria Imperiale you can find rarities.The Galleria Imperiale is located a few meters away from the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, at the very hearth of the historical center.

The current owners, Paola and Anna Mengoni, have a particular ability in spotting rare furniture and silver, which are then on sale in the Gallery.

You are welcome to pickup in store (free of course) at: Galleria Imperiale Genoa, Piazza Campetto 8. The area is closed to car traffic, we will take care to take the objects outside the perimeter forbidden to vehicle transit.

Trivia: the photographer Walter Vogel wanted to remind the Galleria Imperiale with its two wonderful shots during the exhibition Walter Vogel, Genua 1964-2014 held at Palazzo Ducale in 2014.In the book / catalog, you will find the artist thanks to the owners and dedication.

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Galleria Imperiale sells to individuals and traders, rents to movie production companies for the furnishings of movies and dramas.All credit and debt cards accepted, payments by bank transfer also available. The objects may have some flaws or deficiencies (see product page), the same deficiencies are a warranty of the product's authenticity. We will pack them carefully and deliver them only to carriers specialized in the delivery of antiques. Customers can provide with their own trusted courier, in which case the transport and insurance are the sole responsibility of the customer. The delivery of the purchased items is provided in front of the house / shop, but delivery at the inside can be arrangHed directly with the courier.

Trivia: Part of the furniture of the Oval Office in the movie The President's Staff by Rai Cinema with hollywood actors Tomas Arana and Giorgia Wurth were provided by Galleria Imperiale.

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